Tuesday, May 02, 2006

re: Blackwell Theory

I think Blackwell winning will be an awesome galvanizer for Conservatives. The establishment hacks better be worried. Ken will bring new blood. I think nationally he will get lots of PR from folks who have sat back and hemmed and hawwed like Hannity and others. Hugh Hewitt will be all over this.

I love how ONN is talking the money issue. The Republicans will come through for Blackwell when he slams Petro. Millions will come in from all over the state. The clowns who are experts on the race are saying there will be parity. They are wrong. When Blackwell wins, the money will come streaming in. Blackwell will get the conservatives out, and he will help other Republicans get elected. He is far more galvanizing than the funeral home director, Jim Petro.

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