Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Re: Doom and Gloom for GOP

I just don't see evidence that anything significant has actually changed in Ohio that would lead me to believe that Ohio would turn things over to the Democrats.

The Democrats in Ohio are follwing the trend of the national party...right over the cliff in to the fever swamp territory of the Kos Kids. Sherrod Brown and Ted Strickland are not the standard-bearers for centrism. They are, in fact, radical lefties. That fact alone is enough to make me think that John McIntyre's friend here in Ohio is right...the media and polling companies royally screwed up the predictions for RON and I don't see any proof that they learned their lesson.

That said, the Ohio GOP can still blow it. I think that this slate of candidates is pretty uninspired once you get past Ken Blackwell. You can make an argument for O'Brien and maybe Hartmann, but the rest of the ticket is nothing more than more ofthe same... Status quo isn't the way to go this election cycle. bob Taft's numbers should tell us that much...(by the way, I think his numbers are actually high, believe it or not)

Basically, it's up to the Ohio GOP to lose this thing.

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