Wednesday, May 10, 2006

re: Doom and Gloom for GOP

Matt, for once, you are incorrect. While nothing has changed, the electorate is sick and tired of the people in power. That translates to Republicans. So, if a Republican is an incumbent, that person is in trouble. The party as a whole is in trouble because it is alienating the base, it is forcing conservatives to make unsavory decisions--either stay home or vote DeWine.

While I don't think this leads to any great Democrat revolution, which I guess means things are not doom and gloom, it does not bode well for the party's long term health if this general malaise continues within the party. I think Ken Blackwell can inspire us, I think he can help, but the GOP as a whole is in trouble because it too often is doing what Dick Morris advised: moving to the left. Instead of staying true to principle, they are moving farther left to buy votes. Not a great strategy. And one that will ultimately backfire.

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