Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Re: Gloom and Doom for GOP

Revelations that the Border Patrol is tipping the Mexican Government to Minuteman locations have the potential to rip the GOP apart at the seams and set the stage for a third party run by someone like the guy who heads up the Minutemen.

On Savage last night, the head of the Minutemen raised the possibility that we are afraid of controlling the borders because we fear the narco-cartels might start targeting American citizens in retaliation. It sounds crazy, but I'd like to know even in the face of 9/11, why Bush has never done anything to control the inflow of illegals? If he doesn't get behind building the wall, or if Congress doesn't make him do it, the GOP is in for a disastrous stay-at-home event in November, and the formation of a third party that siphons off 10%-plus of the vote in 2008. Hello President Hillary.

Oh, and heads should roll.

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Chucko said...

This is particularly frustrating since this should be OUR issue. ARGH. If the Rs would just stand up and do what's right, they would have no problem winning in November.