Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Re: GOP Must Move Left

Right Wing News posted this timeline awhile back:

1980: An extremely conservative Ronald Reagan wins in a landslide.

1984: Landslide #2 for the Gipper -- and remember, this is before Fox, before talk radio took off, and before the blogosphere existed.

1988: George Bush, Sr. essentially passes himself off as Ronald Reagan, Jr.

1992: The American public found out Bush wasn't as conservative as advertised. He loses w/ an assist from Perot.

1994: The public is nauseated by Clinton's swerve to the left and an extremely conservative "Contract With America" helps the GOP take the House.

1996: Bob Dole, whom Newt Gingrich once derisively referred to as the "tax collector for the liberal welfare state", loses to Clinton with an assist from Perot.

2000: George Bush, who runs as a "compassionate" conservative ekes a victory out over Al Gore.

2004: George Bush, whose domestic policies were revealed to be not particularly conservative, ekes a victory out over John Kerry on the strength of W's aggressive foreign policy.

See? If you look at the history of the Republican Party since 1980, you'll find that our greatest successes on the national level have come when we've unapologetically acted like conservatives and we've tended to falter or lose outright when we've moved to the middle or to the left.

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Joe C. said...

Blackwell will prove this point again.