Saturday, May 20, 2006

Re: Legislative vs. Initiative TEL

Suburbanites are taxed by cities -- without representation.

Local government is growing faster than state government.

If the people said the local part would happen -- it would happen.

It's my money! Let the people decide!


BizzyBlog said...

Local TEL had near-zero support in GOP county organizations, and as more people understood what it would do, it only got worse.

Local TEL would have brought down all of TEL with it, and handed liberals and the media a PR victory they could otherwise only dream about.

The people who wrote the local part of TEL screwed it up badly. It doesn't/didn't accommodate non population-related growth (e.g., new businesses, new employees at existing businesses, new retail developments), and that is/was a fatal flaw.

Charlie Earl said...

The massive growth of local gov't was energized by Richard Nixon's "revenue sharing" proposals. State and local politicos greedily swarmed the trough of federal dollars in exchange for strings, restrictions, and local cost-sharing. Simple country courthouses that held all of county gov't (except jail and engineer) soon gave way to multiple sites...and higher costs.

Steven J. Kelso Sr. said...

Bizzy: Speculation. You may be right, but we'll never know. The people have been excluded from the process.

Charlie Earl: An interesting point ... something to consider.