Tuesday, May 02, 2006

RE: Reality Check

I concur, overall we're seeing a 40% "not DeWine vote" which is pretty huge. Imagine if Carpetbagger Smith was not in the race. Instead he's going to pretend as if his 18% means something. It doesn't. the protest vote was evenly split among the two candidates who were not DeWine.

The DeWine folks who buttered up smith and convinced him to stay in the race are probably going to get a nice big bonus.


Publius said...

This happened to us in Illinois on the last Gov. race. We had no less than three conservatives splitting up the primary vote amongst themselves leaving one RINO (Judy Barr Topinka) to get the primary win.

The conservatives could have won and beaten the RINO but neither would agree to leave the race. Combined, the conservative voters voted AGAINST the RINO, Topinka... yet she still won!

So frustrating.

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Anonymous said...

You're right nix-guy. Sour Grapes and all.. Pierce should have dropped out and given OH conservatives a chance at a candidate with some personality, passion, charisma, and leadership skills. But enjoy your 3rd place ribbon...

Tweeter said...


It's still moving day at the Smith household, your moving buddy is looking for you.