Saturday, May 20, 2006

RE: Taft and Tel

I think Matt is essentially correct when he says that all the Petro folks (and Petro himself) should tell Taft to get in line behind the legislative deal.

But let's give them a little time here, to sort out all the political implications. The news this week has come fast and furious and I'm sure their heads are spinning as fast as ours are.

Also the original article makes it clear that Taft is concerned that the members of the petition committee are not Blackwell and that he wants a commitment from them that he does not currently have.

I think a deal could still be had if Taft gets commitments from the petition committee that they will yank the amendment when the legislative TEL is passed (and approved by Taft).

I also agree that if Taft wants them to yank it before the law is passed, he should be told to go pound sand.


Steven J. Kelso Sr. said...

No time like the present to do the right thing: TEL Taft and the squishes to take a flying leap and keep TEL -- the voters will approve it.

Do the right thing.

Matt Hurley said...

Quite frankly, I don't think Taft should have a say in this at all. If the legislation doesn't have veto proof support, then these legislators don't have their head in the game. And quite simply, they should never have announced this deal until they had it. The anti-TEL coalition, including Petro, should have made sure they had this in the bag before blowing it...that nobody thought to consult Taft makes them look that much more like idiots...that Blackwell had the sense to say that they needed a signed law before TEL would go away makes him look like the winner if you ask me.

Joe C. said...

Blackwell holds all the cards if he has the cajones to play them. KB should say that HE has final approval of anything. If Taft doesn't fall in line immediately-- deals off! If the legislative TEL doesn't include ALL state spending with caps based on the previous years spending-- deals off! If KB doesn't get final approval-- deals off! There is no movement on removing TEL until Taft signs whatever KB approves or deals off!

(If it were me, I'd get all of this, then still screw 'em.)

As usual, the terminal politically tone-deaf ORP is snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, which actually benefits KB. They are handing KB an out if he really wants it. Blackwell can turn this blunder around quickly if he wants to. Why his campaign ever thought that this was a good idea is beyond me.