Monday, May 08, 2006

Re: TEL and 'Electors' v. 'Voters'

I will be doing a more thorough, section by section defense of Ken Blackwell's Tax and Expenditure Limitation (TEL) amendment as time goes by, but one of the early objections, raised by our own Tom Blumer among others, turns on the difference between the words "elector" and "voter."

Some have charged that the section of the amendment that requires a "majority of electors" to waive the spending limits could be interpreted as requiring a majority of registered voters rather than just those voting.

To do so would be a major change in the way that Ohio already does business.

Sections 302.21, 307.15, 718.09 and 3709.281 of the Ohio Revised Code also use the "majority of electors" language and have never been interpreted as critics fear TEL could be.

There is no argument that I can not imagine a lawyer using, but that it not the fault the TEL. We live in an age in which a president (a lawyer) argued the meaning of "is" after all.

Don't blame TEL, consult Shakespeare!

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