Saturday, May 20, 2006

Re: TEL Deal and Taft

If all those anti-TEL and Petro people want to impress me, they shoud send a very clear message to the governor. But they won't do that. Why? Because that wouldn't be the "unity" thing to do.....

The moment Republicans heard that Taft would consider vetoing this deal is the very minute Jim Petro should have gotten on the phone to the governor's office. That is when all of those who oppose the TEL, but are supposedly for fiscal conservatism should have let their voice be heard. Loudly. But they haven't yet...and I don't think they will either. Why? Because they want Blackwell to go down hard. They want to win by losing.

Good luck with that. But please don't take the state of Ohio with you...some of us still want to live here.

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