Saturday, May 20, 2006

Re: TEL Deal? What TEL Deal?

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Blackwell made an agreement earlier this week with the leaders of the state legislature that he would pull the TEL Ohio Constitutional Amendment if they would accomplish the same thing (presumably sans local government limits) at the state level.

But Governor Taft wasn't in on the agreement, and he's making that clear. In fact, he says that he won't approve it unless the amendment is withdrawn first. In that case, he would be technically though not ethically free to "change his mind," veto it anyhow, and leave Blackwell with nothing. (Admittedly, ethical concerns might not be a particularly serious concern with the present governor.)

As it is, Blackwell is the one with the options: If the legislature fails to implement TEL-lite, he still has the amendment as a fall-back plan. But Taft wants to have Blackwell at his mercy. That wouldn't be a good place for Blackwell to be. if it weren't for party loyalty, you could probably expect Taft to vote for Strickland this November.

The way things are going, he might end up doing just that.

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