Sunday, May 14, 2006

re: Unity Event Recap

Matt Hurley is not telling the whole story. Not at all. He does get most of it right, however. I myself found Petro's finger wagging to conservatives a bit insulting, as did some others who were sitting at our table. Way to preach unity while telling the base that they need to be the big tenters. Big Tent your margin of defeat, Mr. Petro. You have done some great things in streamlining government, and you should have been more magnanimous in your speech.

Ken's speech was great. Finally, someone who has Reagan credentials and beliefs invoking Reagan! He called this a time for choosing, ala Reagan in '64 when he gave his Goldwater speech. I loved how he said he wasn't going to change or anything. In my opinion, his speech should have been the closer. It was a unifying message, it was a rah rah go getem speech that was needed.

The Supreme Court Nominees made their appearance. Justice O'Donnell was very passionate about returning to the bench, but he needs some work with his hand gestures. Nominee Cupp made an impact, but we really need to help get his name out there. He is a great judge candidate, but that doesn't make him a great campaigner. He will need our help.

Mary Taylor: WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I agree with Matt H. It is time we had a HOT CPA as auditor. Not only that, but she is smart, too! She is very well spoken and has some great thoughts on saving the state money and using resources better!

Greg Hartmann: I have used his website for some research, and it is awesome in the records and assistance it provides. He will make an awesome secretary of state, and hopefully he will name his newborn son Ken when the child arrives around election time. Hopefully the pregnancy will be a good omen like the one in 04.

Betty Montgomery: Press Secretary Kathryn Hampton aside (wow!!!), Betty gave her usual stump speech. She was far more magnaminous and unifying than Petro, and she gave both former rivals a big hug when she was finished. She has shown she is a great attorney general, and she will be a great one again!!!! I look forward to working with Ms. Hampton to help get the word out and get high turnout numbers!

Sandy O'Brien: Lots of pep and enthusiasm! Got to meet and greet her and she seems like a great lady. You can tell she was a middle school teacher. However, I do agree that she needs some polish for the general.

Debbie Pryce: RINO in conservative clothing gave her best support the President speech, but with her and Mike DeWine sitting side by side and shmoozing, I wasn't buying it. She does need reelected, as she is in a tough district, and her seat is one of the 15 targetted by the DNC.

Mike DeWine: *I&(*^&^*%%^(*(^%! OK, I just got my feelings out about Mike. His speech was lame, a real downer after the speeches of Blackwell, Taylor, Montgomery. Just once, could he put aside his own air of entitlement and ask for our votes? I disagree with his words on the election. He said it would just be about two people: Mike DeWine and Sherrod Brown. No, Mike, it is about the people of the state. Of course, Mike was referring to Brown wanting to make this race about Bob Taft, Tom Noe, etc., but I think this shows that both Brown and DeWine are egomaniacs. DeWine, of course, thought his victory was more about approval than apathy, with his bring it on attitude. Whatever, Mike. This is going to be a tough race.

Here is the real news: Matt Hurley is a rock star. Everywhere we went, 'oh, you are Matt Hurley! Hi!" Blah de blah blah. The SOB Alliance was well known by several of the politicos we talked to, so word is getting out.

I got some rock star treatment myself by State Rep. Danny Bubp. He introduced ME to Tom Raga, and Matt got to talk to him as well. He also put me in contact with the SW Ohio GOP field director, Lindsay Shuba. She is willing to help those of us in the SW any way she can to help get the word out, and she is a mite nice to look at as well.....Col. Bubp joked with me about who is the biggest Republican in Brown County, and we made up after being on opposite sides in the primary. As I tried to explain, Paul Hall asked me to work on the campaign first. He asked first, so I accepted. It wasn't about hate, it was about who asked first and gaining experience. No hard feelings, and we move on to win in November.

However, the ride home was congested as Matt's head swelling was taking up all the room in the car......

But, the SOB Alliance is getting noticed. Matt and I (eventually) were well known by some people we thought would not know us. John McClellan and Jason Mouk both spoke of the Alliance, as did some RNC folks. WE are making progress, and we are getting noticed. Keep it up.

For those of you interested in running for office, there will be a GOP candidate boot camp July 15. See your county GOP committees for information.

Also, see your county GOP central committees for information on the races, including packets on the opposition. Matt and I will be rolling out some stuff over the coming weeks on "John Kerry with a gun" Ted Strickland.

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