Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A Republican Sex Scandal?

From The Plain Dealer:

The last link to President Warren G. Harding's enduring image as a Roaring '20s politico with an overheated libido has passed away in self-imposed obscurity, and her death leaves unsolved the great riddle of her life.

Was Elizabeth Ann Blaesing really the president's illegitimate daughter?

She arrived in the world Oct. 22, 1919, and left it last Nov. 17. Neither event caused any fanfare, but there was plenty of commotion in between.

Over the decades, tell-alls have circulated that Elizabeth Ann was conceived on a Senate office couch during a frisky night between the married Harding and his mistress, Nan Britton.

Those stories captivated, baffled or infuriated just about everybody, especially in Marion, where Nan idolized the handsome pol from her hometown. Later, she was denounced as a slut, a gold-digger and moral degenerate who tried to blackmail the Harding family for $50,000.

I suppose that Ohio Republicans were just more interesting in the 1920s -- all they seem to do now is play golf.

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