Tuesday, May 02, 2006

S ... L ... O ... W

Wow, I thought the "brain delay" caused by prong problems in Cleveland would give county boards plenty of time to put together the results from their snazzy new voting systems.


The minimal results being reported by most northwest Ohio counties are hardly worth the abuse on my keyboard.

I do see a few more precincts are being reported statewide, and Blackwell is back in the lead for GOP guv, 55%-45%.

This may go back and forth for a little while, but I think you'll see Blackwell build a substantial lead. Cuyahoga County will be the last to report, and that's where Petro has to be especially strong to have any chance. If Blackwell has a 10% or so lead going into Cuyahoga, he's got the nomination. If not - it could get a little dicey.

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