Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Second District County Links

I did a BizzyBlog post and have also listed them in the first comment here to save space.

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BizzyBlog said...

The Secretary of State's office has said they will post unofficial results of congressional races as they receive them. We'll see how quick they are. The Election Results page currently has turnout predictions for every county.

- Hamilton County (in theory the gathering place for all 2nd District results, if past form holds) -- Home Page (all results are presented as PDFs throughout the evening, which is a really dumb idea I wish they'd get away from)
- Clermont -- DIRECT (requires refreshes)
- Warren -- DIRECT (requires refreshes)
- Brown -- DIRECT (requires refreshes); Scrolling
- Scioto -- no web site; phone reports will come in from S.O.B. alum Project Logic
- Pike -- no web site
- Adams -- no web site