Monday, May 08, 2006

Sen. George Voinovich: Exposed!

Sort of; you weren't expecting the media to connect all of the dots were you?

Just last Friday, I bemoaned the media's frustrating habit of furthering Sen. George Voinovich's false reputation as a "deficit hawk." Low and behold, the media actually comes close to the truth.

First, from yesterday's Columbus Dispatch:

Sen. George V. Voinovich delivered a hard-hitting speech Wednesday night warning that unchecked federal deficits are a mortal danger to the United States. The next day, he joined 76 other senators in voting to pass a bill that President Bush threatens to veto because it costs too much.

This is the point where an ethical journalist would push the Senator to explain this glaring bout of hypocrisy. But...

Voinovich's aides were trying their best to explain the apparent contradiction in why the Ohio Republican voted for a $109 billion emergency spending bill...

In his speech, Voinovich asserted that "our fiscal health is in dire straits. ... We have been willing time and again to put the cost of our current spending on the credit card of our children and grandchildren."

Garrette Silverman, a Voinovich spokeswoman, defended Voinovich'’s vote, saying he "believes we need a comprehensive examination of entitlement spending, discretionary spending and the tax code if we are going to get our country back on solid financial footing. The answer is not trying to prove this point by jeopardizing critical funding for American troops whose lives are on the line in the streets of Iraq."

Nobody was accusing Ohio's junior senator of ignoring the troops. Overtaxed taxpayers want to know why Sen. Voinovich is adding pork and endangering funds sorely needed by our troops. Unfortunately, The Dispatch seems more interested in protecting a liberal Republican than serving the public.

Oh; it gets better.

From The (Canton) Repository:

Sen. George Voinovich, a self-described deficit hawk, took a turn against his party'’s prevailing winds earlier this week in suggesting Congress consider a temporary tax increase to pay for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, defending the homeland and hurricane relief.

"I have to say this, and I know it is controversial, but if you look at the extraordinary costs that we had with the war and homeland security and Katrina, the logical thing that one would think about is to ask for a temporary tax increase to pay for them,"” he said.

George "pop-tax" Voinovich srikes again! There is not a problem in the world that George Voinovich doesn't believe can't be cured by just one more tax increase or one more government agency.

Perhaps Washington would have more money if senators like Voinovich stopped raiding the public till for his personal whims.

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