Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Some Random Thoughts from Post Mortem (yes, I spell checked this time)

From the post:
For me, this is a new beginning. The Republicans in Scott Township elected me after I had been appointed to fill out a term, and I thank them for that. For them, I will continue to be that still small voice in the wilderness of the GOP, arguing for values the Republicans like to talk about, but not do much about, anymore. For me, I am going to work with the younger Republicans out there, the Matt Naugles, the Right on the Rights, in my county and in my region, and I am going to work to try to create a grassroots movement to change this party from the ground up. Principles should matter! And someday, somewhere, we will be held accountable if they don't.

However, change begins in November, when Ken Blackwell heads up this party at the state level. I hope he does some housecleaning. I will be behind Ken, Sandra, Greg, all the state level candidates. I will be behind Col Bubp, even though I voted for Paul Hall. I will be behind Jean Schmidt. As for Mike, we will see. We will just have to see.

Thanks one and all to all the visitors here and to the SOB Alliance page. Thanks to all those who worked for the Pierce campaign, people like Sandy Liming and her husband Bob. Sandy is battling cancer and still got out and campaigned all over the state. To Tom Blumer, the Bizzyblog, wow. You showed what a MASSIVE amount of hardwork can do. You got the idiots at the media and some in the campaigns to listen, and you helped get the right person elected. I look forward to our continued working together in the Alliance. To Nixguy, DarthDilbert, Viking, Porkopolis, Chucko, and the rest of the Blogs for Pierce(see the sidebar)--God bless you all, you did the job the media should have. If only we had THEIR bandwidth. To Pugergee and Tweet and ladyTweet and Atreides and the rest of em over at ColumbusTownHall, I sense great things ahead for us, if we stay together. We may have lost this round, but there is a fresh opportunity in a couple of years. To all of you who complemented my ramblings so greatly, thank you one and all, I just wish they could have done more.

The great thing, aside from a Blackwell victory, to come out of this, is the rise of the SOB Alliance. Last night we had over 2000 hits by the time I turned in, on the Alliance Homepage! We really were listened to, even if it was too late to change anything. Thanks to all who linked to us and all who read us. The greatest thing about this alliance, is all the cool people, great people, I have been honored to meet and establish relationships with: DarthDilbert, NixguyDave, Tom Blumer, Mario of Porkopolis, all in person; and over the internet Mr. Kelso, Chucko, and all the others. Maybe this can be the start of our internet revolution, of our bringing sanity to this giant buckeye elephant gone wild. Time can only tell....

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