Thursday, May 25, 2006

Still Fighting the Civil War

It's not just for reenactors anymore.

From The Columbus Dispatch:

State troopers rushed to the Ohio Senate floor last night after a racially tinged confrontation between a black Columbus Democrat and a white Republican from suburban Dayton.

The Senate's sergeant-at-arms was forced to step between Sens. Ray Miller and Jeff Jacobson, who were engaged in an escalating debate over the historical background behind a bill to declare Sept. 22 Emancipation Day in Ohio.

Warren-area Sen. Marc Dann said he feared a physical confrontation between the two, especially after Jacobson strode over to Miller's desk even though a recess had been declared.

"If it were me, (Jacobson) would've been on the floor," said the Democratic nominee for attorney general.

Oh you're so manly Marc -- especially when you wear you leather biker jacket!

Jacobson said he walked over only to tell Miller that he hoped the two could continue their debate over President Lincoln's actual view on slavery -- the floor discussion that led to the confrontation.

"I didn't realize he was as upset as he was. He raised his voice and I never had the chance to say anything," Jacobson said, adding that he didn't regret anything he said during the entire exchange.

Miller said he doesn't think Harris is racist.

"What we have to be care of at all times is not to engage in some action that is racist, whether it is intended in a malicious manner or not," he said.

Miller said he doubted a Jewish member would have been gaveled down during a debate over the historical accuracy of the Holocaust.

Senate Democratic leader C.J. Prentiss, of Cleveland, said: "We absolutely perceived racist behavior. We're not calling Bill Harris a racist, but it was racist behavior."

Democratic senators said they objected to Jacobson's questioning Miller's view on black history, including Lincoln's stance on slavery. And they objected to Harris gaveling Miller out of order but allowing Jacobson to continue, even violating Senate rules by moving from behind his desk to continue the debate.

What a cop-out, C.J.! At least have the guts to call the guy a racist -- you are quite good at swinging such lies.

I am sorry to tell you this, but we are now well into the year 2006. Every time that you perceive a slight, it ain't necessarily racial. You and Ray can't hide behind your skin color every time that you are pressed to prove the wild claims that flow out of your mouth.

Ray Miller used to be "my" senator and I can tell you this: they don't come more racist nor more corrupt.

While black Americans sure bore the brunt of American slavery, blacks have no trump on history nor are allowed to bloviate without being questioned.

It's Emancipation Day -- free your mind!

PS: Lincoln was anti-slavery and became more convicted as time went on. He also believed (correctly in my view) that the Union should be preserved above all else -- both of you are right.


Phil Prenger said...
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Phil Prenger said...

Interesting story. I'd be extremely interested to know what Miller was saying when they cut off his speech, but the Dispatch doesn't bother to tell us.

September 22, 1862 is the day Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation (though it didn't take effect until January 1, 1863). What's wrong with recognizing that day?

Given what I think must have been the content of Miller's speech (some attack on Lincoln as a racist), Miller's excuse is a real howler:

"Miller said he doubted a Jewish member would have been gaveled down during a debate over the historical accuracy of the Holocaust."

What are the odds of a Jew standing up to argue the Holocaust didn't happen?