Monday, May 08, 2006

Ted Strickland Carrying Water for a Corrupt Union?

You be the judge.

From the (Warren) Tribune Chronicle:

Last year, the Service Employees International Union campaigned for a hospital oversight commission in Springfield. Its effort to gain voter approval included a pamphlet with snippets from a Columbus Dispatch editorial indicating the newspaper supported the ballot measure. The snippets were so out of context the Dispatch filed a complaint with the Ohio Elections Commission because the newspaper's editorial actually denounced the proposal.

Last year, Cincinnati mayoral candidate David Pepper said the SEIU asked him to support its attempt to organize a large Cincinnati hospital. Pepper refused. The SEIU donated more than $40,000, the biggest ever from a union in a Cincinnati mayoral race, to Pepper's opponent. The Ohio Elections Commission launched an investigation.

In 2003 the SEIU offered Cuyahoga County commissioners a $500,000 campaign contribution for a human services levy designed to help poor, needy residents. The donation hinged on the commissioners making it easy for the SEIU to organize non-union workers at nonprofit social service agencies. The commissioners refused. The SEIU then spent hundreds of thousands of dollars campaigning against the levy.

Last year, U.S. Rep. Ted Strickland, D-Lisbon, accepted $20,000 in campaign contributions from the SEIU. Last month, Strickland announced that financially struggling Forum Health should include union employees in its restructuring.

If you ask me, it appears that when Ted Strickland's donors yell "Jump!," Ted Strickland asks "How high?"

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