Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Top of Ohio's Dem Ticket: Return of the Lightweights

(Partial HT to SOB alum Project Logic)

From Cleveland Openers Blog:

How powerful are members of the Ohio congressional delegation in relation to every other member of the Senate or House? See for yourself at Power Rankings, assembled by Knowlegis, a group of researchers, programmers and people who follow legislation for lobbyists and other clients.

..... Mike DeWine: 26th most powerful U.S. senator -- but low on the influence scale, a measure of how he works the Washington circuit, gets on Sunday talk shows, raises money for colleagues and does internal politicking to affect issues or bills. His ranking is high, at 14, in terms of getting legislation passed.

Sherrod Brown: 355th most powerful House member, extremely low in passing legislation and in the negative column (just barely) on the influence scale. That's at least partly a reflection of his focusing on matters in his home district, as no one can say Brown hasn't been highly involved with his party's leaders on health care and trade.

Ted Strickland: 402nd most powerful House member, in the negative column on influence, and a zero success rate at legislating in 2005 -- that is, not just getting a bill passed and signed by the president, but even getting it passed in committee or working it in as an amendment. Democrats have a tough time doing any of that with Republicans in control, and the GOP likes it that way.

It's hard not to think that Ted Strickland and Sherrod Brown have simply been marking time. Given that there are about 200 Dems in the House, both are clearly in the bottom half in power even in their own party, after TWELVE YEARS each.

So obviously, they deserve promotions (/sarcasm).

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