Monday, May 15, 2006

A Unity Tangent

Jim Geraghty:
Trent “I’m tired of hearing about Porkbusters” Lott, Ted “Bridge to Nowhere” Stevens, John McCain, Arlen Specter, Chuck Hagel, Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins.

Nice job, guys. Your effort to re-conservativize the Republican Party in Washington by staying home this year will have the effect of massacring the actual conservatives and empowering the moderates who you disdain. Perhaps we can call this counterproductive maneuver “RINO-plasty.”

But that’s okay, the staying-at-home-conservatives insist. The GOP will win back the House and Senate in 2008, establishing a true conservative majority.

Maybe. But as I mentioned, what kind of lengths do you think the Democrats will go to in order to keep power once they’ve got it? Does the “Fairness Doctrine” ring a bell? You think Pelosi and Reid wouldn’t try that tactic to hinder conservative talk radio? How about McCain-Feingold 2.0, with a particular focus on controlling “unregulated speech” on the Internet and blogs?

Think the MSM was cheerleading for Democrats in 2004? How much more fair and balanced do you think they’ll be when their task is to defend Democratic House and Senate majorities AND elect President Hillary Rodham Clinton? My guess is, they’ll make the CBS memo story look accurate and evenhanded by comparison.
Glenn Reynolds:
Yes, the dissatisfied members of the base should probably be thinking about this. But shouldn't the GOP leadership be showing a similar sense of urgency?
Matt Hurley: Well, I think they both are right. Sitting at home is not the answer, but it sure would be nice to know that the GOP gets the message that the conservative base has just about had it.

Everybody knows that I am not a fan of Mike DeWine, but I have to say that I prefer his particular brand of conservativism when compared to Sherrod Brown's. You want to send a message to Mike DeWine? Send him an email. Sure...some staffer will send you a canned reply two months after the issue was settled; but that is the appropriate action to take. I've decided that when I write to my elected officials, I'll be copying party officials as well. The best way to combat this nonsense is to educate the electorate, our candidates, and our party officials.

Rather than waste time on DeWine, let's start finding and grooming a candidate to take on Voinovich.


Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly, Mark. If a serious challenge is going to be mounted against Voinovich, the candidate will have to start working the state right away. He'll have to have name recognition and as much support from Republicans as a non-incumbent can muster.

Pat Toomey mounted an almost-successful primary challenge against GOP dinosaur Arlen Specter in 2004. His strategy should be studied and emulated.

Matt Hurley said...

Interesting that you should mention Toomey. I think you are right. Pat's campaign was one in which he nearly did the impossible. But even then, he had to fight the establishment all the way... I am not sure it can be done until there is new blood at the helm of the party...but I think we should try.

Oldsmoblogger said...

Hear, hear. Tim Grendell didn't fare very well against Montgomery in the AG primary, but if he got started now...? (I'm open to other names--Grendell was the first that popped into my noggin.)