Tuesday, May 02, 2006

US Senate: Winners and Losers

The Establishment
Hillary Clinton and Ted Kennedy, and Cindy Sheehan
Pork Barrel Beneficiaries
Those to whom Money matters more than Principle
Mike DeWine

David Smith--I don't care how much you got, you still ran a lying campaign, a deceptive campaign, and for that, you will always be nothing more than a loser.

Conservatives--We had a chance, but too many of us were afraid of "wasting our vote" and engaged in the soft bigotry of low expectations.

The people of Ohio--you are stuck with a man who has betrayed the voters time and again. You are stuck with a candidate who destroys our principles, while smiling and asking for us to trust him again. We are stuck with a snake, and more than likely, we will get a liberal Senator because the Conservatives are sick and tired of supporting crap like Mike DeWine. Some of us are sick of seeing our values spat upon. And because of that, we will lose this Senate Seat in November.


Anonymous said...

Mark -

You are a whining idiot, and your man, came in 3rd. Like we all knew he would. He was always the weaker candidate, and should have dropped out earlier like Mitchell. Enjoy the crow.

Tweeter said...


It's moving day at the Smith household, have you found your moving buddy?