Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Was That a Threat?

In a piece by liberal columnist Ann Fisher of The Columbus Dispatch about (lefty) blogs, a quote from Brian Rothenberg, communications director for the Ohio Democratic Party, jumps out at me:

...Rothenberg is troubled, likening bloggers to the pamphleteers of the Revolutionary War period, without form or rules. "In time, they are going to start self-policing or they are going to be policed."

"Policed?" By whom? I am left with the impression that Mr. Rothenberg is quite comfortable with the idea of the government being empowered to regulate the free speech of bloggers -- the "pamphleteers of the Revolutionary War" being a quite apt description.

I am not sure how the Kos' of the world do things, but one of the chief selling points of the conservative blogosphere is its self-correcting nature. Conservatives seem quite happy to offer (and except) constructive criticism and corrections (realizing quite rightly that credibility above all is required for success.)

I will give Mr. Rothenberg the benefit of the doubt, but one wishes that he would have chosen his words more wisely -- King George, after all, was not exactly a big fan of Sam Adams.

Historical Note: Sam Adams, as was his wont, was not above embellishing from time to time, but over 200 years of liberty is a kind judge...

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