Thursday, May 04, 2006

Weaver on Blackwell

Republican strategist Mark Weaver in the Akron Beacon-Journal:
"This is a year of anger, a year of frustration on behalf of voters, and they, for the most part, view Ken Blackwell as the candidate most likely to bring change," said Weaver, who was not aligned with either Petro's or Blackwell's campaigns.

"Some races are decided on filing day, and this is one of them," Weaver said. "Jim Petro is a good person, but he has been successful because of his status as an establishment candidate. Blackwell has been somewhat unsuccessful because of his status as an outsider candidate. Because of the strong anti-status quo feeling in Ohio, being the outsider candidate became the big plus."
I don't know how much of this I buy... If change were really the big reason for Blackwell's victory, we'd have seen more "upsets" than just him and O'Brien.

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