Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Well, What Have We Learned from Ohio’s 2006 Primary?


First three points from post (out of 12):

1. That the “Christian Right” can be taken in by clever messengers who say the right things and are successful at not revealing their true selves. Yes, that goes for David Smith and Bob McEwen. Yes, that makes me hesitant to jump up and down for joy about Ken Blackwell, because I believe his close alignment with the Ohio Restoration Project is causing an ugly strain of condescension and a bit of a detachment from reality to emerge in him, and I never thought I’d say either thing (though I will vote for him, given the alternative).

2. That you can pick up a lot of votes by hiding your resume, by creating name recognition through illegal campaign sign placement, and by making up poll numbers and convincing people they’re real — enough to enable you to eke out a few more votes than a more principled candidate in an otherwise similar situation. Wow, Mr. Smith, I’m sooooo impressed — y’all got real close to that 29% you were touting to your gullible Christian friends, didn’t you?

3. That the state GOP cares more about protecting its incumbents than the party’s principles, and will do anything on behalf of the former even if it sells out most of the latter.

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