Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Will TEL be Back?

I'll believe it when I see it.

From the AP via the Akron Beacon Journal:

After all that, the pesky proposal for a constitutional amendment restricting government spending is gone.

The people who advanced the measure have asked to pull it from November's ballot. Those who fought it for nearly a year have snapped up their briefcases and begun planning their summer vacations.

But Ohioans haven't heard the last word about spending caps, a topic that has carried with it implications in the race for governor.

But whether Blackwell wins the governor's race or is defeated by U.S. Rep. Ted Strickland, his Democratic rival, few believe the growth cap inserted into state law last week will remain unchanged.

"In the time period we've got left before the November election, obviously it would be difficult to do another constitutional amendment, but I clearly think sometime in the next four years it will happen," said Scott Pullins, executive director of the tax-fighting Ohio Taxpayers Association. "I think Ken will be able to pass it from a much stronger position as governor."

National anti-tax champion and Blackwell ally Grover Norquist hinted as much in a news release he issued the day of the Legislature's vote on the watered-down cap.

While commending Blackwell for his leadership in "an important first step towards fiscal responsibility," Norquist added that "experience has shown that statutory spending caps are easily 'suspended' and tossed out when they become inconvenient for tax and spenders." Statutory caps, those in law rather than in the more-difficult-to-change Ohio Constitution, are precisely what resulted from Blackwell's compromise with lawmakers.

Pullins said he believes Blackwell abandoned the ballot proposal for political reasons.

"I think he was facing a pretty tough opposition -- most of the Republican establishment, all the Democratic establishment -- and it was going to be more of an uphill fight than he or anybody else could handle."

I suppose that Jim Petro isn't the only one who becomes fatigued holding positions.

NOTES: Grover Norquist's press release may be viewed here. Scott Pullins, a member of the State of Ohio Blog Alliance, blogs here. Here's a link to the Ohio Taxpayers Association.

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