Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Wishful Thinking

Over at Openers, there is a blurb about the Democrats new strategy for winning the US Senate race in Ohio: stop appearing with and co-sponsoring liberal bills with Mike DeWine.
The newspaper, citing unnamed Democratic sources, reported today that Democratic leaders are concerned that displays of bipartisanship could help Republicans in tough reelection races, including DeWine's. That means they want Democrats to stop co-sponsoring bills with DeWine and other Republicans, to stop writing letters together, to stop holding joint events, Roll Call says.
Uhh...there is a lesson in this I think... Remember this the next time you hear a liberal whining about how there isn't enough bipartisanship and how Republicans are "dividers not uniters."

The response was equally entertaining:
DeWine's campaign reacted quickly to the article. "I think it's disappointing that Sherrod Brown's friends in the Senate have decided that partisanship is more important than passing meaningful legislation helpful to Ohioans and the nation," said DeWine campaign spokesman Brian Seitchik.

To which Brown spokeswoman Joanna Kuebler said: Brown has been traveling around Ohio talking about prescription drug prices, "outrageous" gasoline prices and other pocketbook issues. And DeWine has yet to join him.
There is a joke or two in here somewhere...

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