Sunday, June 11, 2006

Alliance Member Poll #1 Results

Last week, I sent out a request for members of the Alliance to respond to five questions. I received 20 responses back, one each from the following Alliance Blogs:
Rose By Any Other Name
Made for the Internet
Brain Shavings
The Redhawk Review
Return of Conservatives
Andy's Angle
Ohio Conservative
Steve the Pirate
Black Swamp Conservative
Conservative Culture
Brad's Blog
Lincoln Logs
Jaob's Blog

QUESTION ONE: Which writer/journalist most closely represents "conservative" for you?

Thomas Sowell 5
Krauthammer 1
Ann Coulter 3
Mark Steyn 2
William Bennett 1
Joe Scarborough 1
Bill Kristol 2
Peggy Noonan 1
Bill O'Reilly 1
Bill Kristol 1
None 1
Walter Williams 1

COMMENTS: I guess I'm going to have to start reading Sowell! I'm more of a Jonah Goldberg guy myself...

QUESTION TWO: Which politican most closely represents "conservative" for you?

Gingrich 3
Kyl 1
Reagan 5
Coburn 2
Blackwell 1
Santorum 2
Kasich 1
Sensenbrenner 1
Allen 1
Jim Jordan 1
none 2

COMMENTS: No surprise in who won this one. A couple of surprises in some of the other names that popped up. I'd have never thought that Newt Gingrich had such support here in the Buckeye state.

And how about that Jim Jordan! To be mentioned in a poll like this while being a state senator is downright amazing if you ask me.

QUESTION THREE: Do elections have consequences?

100% of those polled said that elections do have conseqences.

COMMENTS: The comments following the answer was a pretty mixed bag on whether or not those consequences were positive or negative. There might be room for some more discussion on this topic...

QUESTION FOUR: Who will win the '08 GOP presidential primary?

not McCain 2
Allen 3
Jeb Bush 1
Tancredo 1
unknown 5
Gingrich 1
Romney 3
Rice 1
McCain 1
Huckabee 1
Guiliani 1

COMMENTS: A LOT of uncertainty this far out. Perhaps next time, we'll limit the choices somewhat and see what that gets us as far as results. I'd have to call the early leaders as George Allen and Mitt Romney, but it is WAY too early to tell if that will hold up.

QUESTION FIVE: Who is you "fantasy" candidate for the '08 GOP presidential race?

not sure 1
Blackwell 1
Cheney 1
Gingrich 2
Rice 3
Powell 1
Santorum 2
Guiliani 3
Limbaugh 1
Kasich 1
Pence 1
Coburn 1
Allen 1
Tancredo 1

COMMENTS: Only two respondents stuck with the same answer from question four. That emphasizes the uncertainty factor, if you ask me.

NEXT WEEK's POLL: I have some "housecleaning" questions to ask in this week's poll, but I am open to your ideas for poll questions. Leave them in the comments section or email me.

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Joab said...

I noted that Romney gets 3 mentions as a likely candidate, but zero mentions as a fantasy candidate. I believe he is the most electable GOP member, but that is due to his pro-choice, pro stem cell research, etc. positions. Not popular with most conservatives, but more electable just the same (I suspect a majority of conservatives would choose him over any Dem candidate, were Romney the nominee). Let's face it, Romney would get more centrist votes because of that.