Thursday, June 29, 2006

Americans for Prosperity

From The Columbus Dispatch:

A group that has battled tax increases and brought attention to government "pork" from Texas to New Jersey is setting up shop in Ohio.

Americans for Prosperity, which claims 8,000 Ohioans among its 200,000 members nationally, launched its Ohio chapter today with a tour of three projects the group cites as examples of wasteful government spending.

No single event caused Americans for Prosperity to launch an Ohio chapter, said Michelle Korsmo, the national organization's executive vice president. Rather, Ohio's tax burden has been mounting and there are no other grassroots organizations with a statewide presence and focused mission of fighting taxes, she said.

Peter Pudner, the Americans for Prosperity Ohio chapter director, said the group does not engage in partisan politics but may rate politicians on their records on tax measures and government spending.

"The thing I like about Americans for Prosperity is they haven't been shy about exposing government pork from Republicans as well," Pudner said. "If they're running on a fiscally conservative platform and they're one of the worst offenders as far as government waste, we want to hold them accountable."

Never heard of them.


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The Pullins Report said...

They are a pretty good group. I've worked with them before. They've got some good financial backing.