Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Anti-Smoking Data Bogus

I'm not the only one who speaks out against the Smoking Nazis and their lies.

From The Plain Dealer:

A spotlight is on Ohio in one of the latest controversies over scientific findings on secondhand smoke.

Dr. Michael Siegel, a professor of social and behavioral sciences at the Boston University School of Public Health, accuses the health group SmokeFree Ohio of touting bogus scientific data in its campaign for a statewide ban on public indoor smoking on the November ballot.

An item that Siegel posted Thursday on his blog ( takes issue with several claims about the dangers of secondhand smoke. SmokeFree Ohio, a campaign of the American Cancer Society, has stated on its Web site that 20 minutes of exposure elevates risk of heart attack and that 30 minutes of exposure can cause narrowing of blood vessels, contributing to hardening of the arteries.

The statements "are so wildly misleading and inaccurate that they completely fly in the face of pure common sense," Siegel wrote.

Siegel is a regular critic of the tobacco-control movement, which he says makes statements that are not scientifically valid. He stands out from most naysayers, because he is in the public-health business and favors smoking bans.

Though I question some of Mr. Siegel's "evidence" as well, at least he has the honesty to bash those on his side who make wild clams.

Is "Smoking Nazi" too harsh a term?

Another recent target of Siegel's criticism is Action on Smoking and Health, a hard-line anti-smoking group that advised doctors to report parents who smoke around children to authorities for child abuse.

I think not.

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