Thursday, June 22, 2006

Blackwell Closing the Gap?

I know that many disagree, but I believe that Zogby runs a decent polling system (though he does at times overweight Democrat voters). In the latest results, it appears that Ken Blackwell, while still behind, is making this a close race (even before Tax ... er I mean Ted Strickland has been fully revealed to the Ohio electorate.)

Strickland is currently polling 49.1 % while Blackwell is now within striking distance with his 44.3%. This closely reflects the University of Cincinnati poll which had the race going for Strickland 50 to 40 percent. I believe that this is close to the truth and leaves Strickland open to attack one we get closer to the election.

A good time to give Mr. Blackwell a few bucks to let our fellow Ohioans know just who the real Tax ... er I mean Ted Strickland really is?

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