Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Blackwell: Ohio Needs Bold Initiatives to Attract Jobs

This just in from the Blackwell campaign:
On the heels of Honda Motor Company's selection of Indiana over Ohio for the automaker's $550 million assembly plant and its corresponding 2,000 new jobs, gubernatorial candidate Ken Blackwell today issued the following statement:

"Ohio has too many impediments to job creation and business expansion. Our taxes are too high, our government is too big and we are not taking advantage of available resources. We must move beyond the status quo and become competitive with neighboring states by cutting taxes and streamlining government, or we will continue to lose jobs and talented young people."

"Ohio's next governor has to embrace bold initiatives. I have proposed such initiatives and I offer the experience and leadership needed to take our state on a path of job creation and economic prosperity."

Blackwell has advocated the following job creating initiatives:

  • Create a $6 billion jobs creation and infrastructure improvement fund by leasing the Ohio Turnpike;

  • Implement a single rate tax system over a four year period, with a target rate of 3.25 percent;

  • Eliminate the stand alone estate tax and increase the definition of residency for tax purposes from the current 120 days to 180 days or more;

  • Repeal the sales tax increase of 2003, returning the state sales tax to 5 percent; and

  • Privatize the Bureau of Workers' Compensation.
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    save_the_rustbelt said...

    A small government conservative wants a $6 billion government slush fund with only vague guidelines?

    Not this conservative. No thank you.