Friday, June 02, 2006

The Blogosphere and the Party

Something tells me that there is a lesson in this for our good friends John McClelland and Jason Mauk...but something tells me they already know what it is so I won't go out of my way and spell it out...

Let me say this: BSB is absolutely right when he says:
Times are changing. I don’t think you can say bloggers are press or they are activists - it’s one bucket or the other.

It’s both and it’s neither.

Once you accept this then you realize that perhaps you need to come up with new approaches to things.

Some people get it, other don’t.
And Anne at the Dispatch is also right when she says in her article:
Rothenberg and others who are paid to get the word out for political parties should take note. Someday, they’ll be hiring an assistant just to monitor bloggers and their ilk, trolling for the thoughts and phrasing, the kernels of truth that ignite conversation and consideration.
Well, okay, maybe I did spell it out for Jason and John...but they've come to expect that from me anyway...

(HT: Right Angle)

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Anonymous said...

"The joke is that bloggers are youngish, live in their mothers’ basements, work in their pajamas and have nothing better to do than wax away on any number of topics. Like most generalizations, that’s probably unfair."

Somebody ought to point out to this reporter that bloggers are interested citizens deeply involved in politics - a topic most people won't touch - and not video gamers.

BSB is wrong though - I'm under 30 and not married :-)