Thursday, June 22, 2006

Boehner Remarks

Received via email:
On Camera Remarks As Prepared

Majority Leader John Boehner

June 22, 2006

Thank you all for being here.

Spending Restraint/Line-Item Veto

This week Republicans are continuing our reform efforts to help rein in wasteful spending and exercise fiscal restraint. Today we expect the House to pass the Legislative Line Item Veto Act. This bill will make Congress more accountable for how it spends taxpayer dollars and help eliminate worthless pork, and Rep. Ryan deserves great credit for his work on this issue.

Also this week the House passed a bill introduced by Majority Whip Roy Blunt and Government Reform Committee Chairman Tom Davis to establish a public database to track federal grants. Increasing transparency is a vital tool to promote greater accountability and ensure that the American people understand how their tax dollars are spent.

These two bills are just one part of a larger Republican effort to bring greater transparency, accountability and common-sense spending restraint to the federal budget process. While Democrats call for fiscal restraint, Republicans are working to rein in reckless spending and demonstrating fiscal discipline.

Death Tax

Today Republicans are also poised to make major progress on the death tax. Americans are being taxed almost every waking moment. They shouldn't be taxed upon their death, too. While Republicans attempt to address the needs of small business owners and family farms, Harry Reid and most Senate Democrats have been standing in the way of relief from the death tax. I would encourage Senate Democrats to do what's in the best interest of the American people and stop blocking progress of death tax relief.


Lastly, let me just say on immigration, Republicans want to enact a strong bill that that strengthens our border security and strictly enforces our immigration laws. We want to work with the Senate to forge an agreement that accomplishes those goals. Above all else, the American people expect us to secure our borders and make sure we effectively enforce of our immigration laws, and that's exactly what Republicans are pushing for.

Senate Democrats, led by Senators Reid and Kennedy, have consistently advocated policies that are out of touch with the American people which would encourage more open borders and amnesty for illegal immigrants. Holding hearings to gather more citizen input will strengthen our hand in conference and help us produce responsible solutions on behalf of the American people.

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