Monday, June 12, 2006

Call to Action: Tell Mike DeWine to Advise the White House NOT to Nominate Stephen Murphy

Given how much of a pain it has been getting judicial nominations through the Senate, it doesn't give me any pleasure to do this, but do this I must.

Columnist and investigative reporter Debbie Schlussel has it on good authority that one Stephen Murphy is under serious consideration to be nominated by the Bush Administration for the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals.

If one-quarter of what Schlussel has unearthed is true (and given her track record, I have little doubt that it's all true), Murphy should not be nominated, and if nominated, he should be rejected.

Schlussel's exhaustive and jaw-dropping post is HERE.

Mr. Murphy has documented sympathies with those having demonstrated terrorist ties, has failed to successfully prosecute winnable cases, and, to put it kindly, has a number of character flaws. Each item noted would individually be enough to quash the nomination. Collectively, they make stopping Murphy a no-brainer.

The Senate Judiciary Committe shouldn't even consider, let alone allow a vote on, Murphy's nomination, should it occur.

I encourage you to contact Mike DeWine, Ohio's Senator on the Judiciary Committee. Tell him that he and his other GOP Judiciary Committee members should advise the White House to withdraw Mr. Murphy from consideration, so that the Committee doesn't have to send a severe rebuke to White House for nominating him.

The text of what I sent to Mr. DeWine is at one of the comments at Debbie's post if you want to do a quasi-copy-paste thing (but don't copy word-for-word, please). I DO suggest you include the link to Debbie's post so that DeWine's people can see all the detail; as a former prosecutor, Mike DeWine of all people should be especially outraged that someone with Murphy's track record is under consideration.

The DIRECT LINK for sending Mike DeWine an e-mail is here:

I've made it as easy as possible. Please help stop this impending travesty.

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