Thursday, June 22, 2006

Do You Read 'Lincoln's Logs?'

I try to catch my fellow State of Ohio Blog Alliance mate at least twice a day (yea, he's that good.)

The Bob Ney campaign has taken note of the other blogging Matt as well (from their press release):

Just wanted to make sure you all saw this post in Lincoln's Logs about what Violet Cummings, a Space supporter, had to say about Bob Ney.

OH-18 Dedication

Zack Space is making quite a little name for himself as an hollow shell that spews forth whatever latest propaganda is fed to him by Howard Dean, George Soros and other out-of-touch liberals.

He had to be corrected today on national TV when he mistook Bob Ney for William Jefferson and Alan Mollohan by suggesting Congressman Ney enriched himself during his time in office.

Earlier he forgot to vet his own record when he sent a press release out accusing Ney of voting for his own pay raise. It is great to tell the media that you will donate a raise to charity, except when you already accepted an 82% taxpayer raise (which, by the way, was nearly the average household income for the district by itself).

So while Space continues to have his campaign of lies and pandering refuted at every turn, let's take a look at what one Zack Space supporter has to say about Bob Ney (Via a letter to the editor). I am going to paste the whole thing, because I think the story -- as the writer says -- speaks volumes.

Congressman Ney to the rescue!

I am probably one of the most patriotic people east of the Rockies. I live and breathe the American Dream.

I spent 11 days in May as a tour guide in Washington, D.C. I was continually reminded of the greatness of our country and was thrilled to share my patriotism with nearly 500 people from Ohio. Last Thursday, my group of 84 students was scheduled for a tour of our nation'’s Capitol Building.

There were two bad accidents in Washington that morning, and the two main roads into the city were blocked.

The detour took an hour and half, so the kids missed their Capitol tour.

I was devastated for them. It was my patriotic duty to get them into the Capitol.

I called Congressman Bob Ney that afternoon. His staff was gracious but assured me there was nothing the congressman could do. He was back in Ohio, and Congress was in recess. I gave his aide my name and number and begged her to convey my desperation to Congressman Ney.

Bob Ney personally called me on my cell phone within 30 minutes. He assured me he would take a flight out of Columbus that night and meet the kids at the Capitol the next morning. We were all thrilled.

What Congressman Ney did next gives him "White Horse Status" in my book.

It stormed so badly in Columbus that his flight was cancelled.

So Bob Ney and his aide drove through the night to Washington. They arrived about 4 a.m., slept in his office and met those kids at 9 a.m.

Many times people say they care about the kids. Congressman Ney showed 84 people that day that our leaders do care enough to go above and beyond the call of duty.

The most amazing thing is that the school the kids represented isn't even in his district.

Congressman Bob Ney's actions that day spoke volumes in the hearts of 84 people from Ohio.

Violet M.L. Cummings


There are a lot of good writers down there on the right side (pun intended), check them out after checking out Lincoln's Logs.

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