Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Et tu, Sen. Allen?

At this admittedly early point in time, I support Virginia Sen. George Allen for president (I even voted for him it Matt Hurley's poll). That said, it's not too early to jump off the bandwagon and I am apparently not the only one worried that Sen. Allen might not have the stomach for a strong defense of his conservative principles.

From The Washington Prowler:

...the junior Senator from Virginia ... is acting, well, funky.

For a guy who is facing off against a well-financed Democrat candidate beloved by the mainstream media, Allen isn't acting like a conservative Republican.

This weekend, he'll be out in Iowa, attempting to woo conservative Christians, but Allen should be focusing on his position on legislation and policy back here at home. Republican colleagues on the Hill are rumbling that Allen appears to be running to the middle of the road on issues across the board. "My boss doesn't know where he stands with Allen any more," says a senior Republican staffer with a western Senator.

What is becoming increasingly apparent is that the "Allen for President" boomlet is over. He's now in a fight for his current job, and he should focus on that and come back from whatever moderate world he thinks he should be living in.

This is, of course, only rumor, but that last thing Mr. Allen needs is to dispirit his conservative supporters by signaling that he will abandon them when the going gets rough.

If only Rudy was more socially conservative -- I'd have my perfect candidate.


Matt Dole said...

I love stories like that, because they give you these little snippets of quotes and innuendo, but never provide any basis. I am trying to figure out what the beef with Allen is about? I heard him offer a strident defense of strong immigration policy a couple weeks back. What are these issues he is running to the middle on? I am not being critical, I am interested if there are, or if this is simply paranoia over Allen visiting Iowa when he is running for re-election in Virginia against a Reagan Democrat...

Steven J. Kelso Sr. said...

As I said, it is early and maybe I am just oversensitive after the TEL betrayal.

Rumors and second-hand is all that I've really got, thus the openess of the post. Consider it a shot across the bow.

LargeBill said...

I wonder if some of this is a result of Allen not playing along with the senate's crappy illegal immigration amnesty plan? Webb might give Allen a little bit of a scare, but I think Allen will prevail in the end. He is still a very popular former governor who has won statewide elections a couple times. Webb was a Dem, became a Republican to get jobs in the Reagan administration and now he is suddenly Dem again. His stated reason for switching is he disagreed with the decision to deal with Iraq (rather than let the UN continue to coddle Saddam for bribes). On social issues Webb is very left wing (pro-abortion, etc). I lived in Virginia for a long time and if you get away from the beltway the state is pretty conservative.