Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Good News for Columbus Schools

Hopefully, Columbus schools will be getting a little safer.

From the AP via ONN:

The city school district plans to open a school this fall that will cater to students with behavior problems, a newspaper reported Tuesday.

The 150-student SuccessWorks Academy will provide a temporary site for students in grades three through seven to learn ways to curb misconduct...

"Safety and discipline has always been the No. 1 issue with parents and has always been the No. 1 issue with teachers," said Rhonda Johnson, president of the Columbus Education Association teachers' union. "Everybody wants safe schools in Columbus. ... I think we're all on the same page."

The most recent teachers' contract set a deadline of the 2006-07 school year for the district to open a school for disruptive students.

I do not agree with teacher's unions very often, but I am thankful that they have stood up and demanded that the city does something about this growing problem. Too often, just a few disruptive students can make it near to impossible for the majority to get a good education. This is a move long needed and I hope other systems follow suit.

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