Friday, June 23, 2006

Kelo Holdouts Reach Tentative Agreement in New London, CT

It's too early to declare a winner, and there are no details yet. Loose ends have to be tied up by June 30.

But the statements from the holdouts and the Governor make it sound like the holdouts MAY be able to declare a win:
Kelo and Cristofaros Reach Tentative Agreement

An AP report is here:
Tentative agreement reached with final two Fort Trumbull holdouts

I've been doing a semi-live update on this throughout the day at this post, which also contains a map and a collection of links:
The Kelo New London Collection

Fitting for the anniversary of the ruling if, as it appears, the holdouts get to keep their homes.

What ultimately comes of this may have relevance to what happens in the Norwood, Ohio (suburb of Cincy) situation that has made its way to the Ohio Supreme Court.

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