Friday, June 02, 2006

Look at the Bright Side

We do have trouble with RINOs, but at least aren't having to blog on the mess of Kentucky's GOP politics:

Pence won't resign despite Ky. governor's request

Cincinnati Business Courier - 7:45 PM EDT Thursday
Kentucky Lt. Gov. Steve Pence said he's staying put until the end of his term, despite Gov. Ernie Fletcher's request that he resign.

The Louisville Republican on Tuesday opted out as Fletcher's running mate for 2007, saying that he wanted to return to private law practice. He spoke to reporters Thursday, telling them that Fletcher, who is on vacation in Florida, called him and asked him to resign.

Pence said he refused, and told Fletcher that "Calmer heads need to prevail," according to published reports.

Fletcher was indicted May 11 on three misdemeanor charges for allegedly rewarding political supporters with state jobs.

We thought Taft was bad (he is, but not this bad).

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