Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Lost in Zack Space

This just in from the Ney campaign:
The Bob Ney for Congress re-election campaign today launched a new website -- -- which will focus on the ultra-liberal policy positions and campaign mentors, such as Howard Dean, of Ohio's 18th District Democrat congressional candidate Zack Space, while highlighting the many important issues that Zack has yet to take a position on. will remain a work in progress throughout the campaign this year as Zack figures out his position on most of the issues facing the 18th District but already it features an interactive cartoon that will allow viewers to follow Zack on his spaceship as he seeks campaign advice in parts of the country other than Ohio from his ultra-liberal friends and mentors such as Howard Dean and Nancy Pelosi from San Francisco.

"While Zack remains lost in space when it comes to real issues such as reducing our dependence on foreign oil, lowering the tax burden on working families, making health care more affordable, and winning the war on terror, the Ney campaign will be there to help him get the word out once he comes back down to earth," Ney Campaign Manager Matt Parker said today. "That being said, if the old saying that 'you are the company you keep' holds true than Zack's alliances with national liberals like Howard Dean and Nancy Pelosi already speaks volumes."

"If elected, the first vote Zack Space will cast will be for San Francisco values instead of Ohio values by supporting Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House. This will be a vote for higher taxes, more abortions, more gun control laws, and more money to the United Nations. Perhaps that's why Zack's only real issue in this campaign so far has been a phony ethics pledge -- because while he flies around the country meeting with his liberal friends, he knows that their liberal politics don't fly in Ohio's 18th District," Parker concluded.

Stay tuned throughout the campaign this year as new material is added to

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