Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Mary Jo Kilroy Loses

I suppose that the Franklin County commissioner will just have to find another way to repay her union cronies.

From The Columbus Dispatch:

Franklin County is shelving a proposed agreement that would have required nonunion contractors to observe union rules during construction of a new Downtown courts building.

After weeks of controversy that some said was beginning to reignite long resolved tensions in the central Ohio construction industry, county Administrator Don L. Brown said yesterday that he'll recommend commissioners put the deal on hold indefinitely.

"Further thought needs to be put into this," he said.

Commissioners had planned a final vote today on what they called a "good contractor and fair employment agreement" with 16 trade unions. It would have placed all workers on the upcoming project under union contracts, even if they weren't union members.

Critics said it discouraged nonunion companies from bidding on construction contracts worth millions of dollars.

A similar plan for the construction of Franklin County's new minor-league baseball stadium was dropped earlier this month after legislators and potential corporate sponsors threatened to yank funding.

"I think sanity has finally prevailed," Commissioner Dewey Stokes said.

I once again ask the good citizens of Ohio's 15th District to vote for the candidate who votes her conscience -- not the bidding of her cronies and campaign contributors.

Vote for Deborah Pryce!

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Christopher King said...

You think that's something, watch Mary Jo show her true colours as a Free Speech oppressor in this video:


Watch Mary Jo roll her eyes out of disrespect to Board member Loretta Heard when Heard challenges her on how she calls police to threaten folks. Call it reality Internet, if you will. Says Heard:

"What are you going to do, Mary Jo.... have everybody arrested?"