Monday, June 19, 2006

"[T]he only attempted suppression we see is of the candidacy of Ken Blackwell."

From Investor's Business Daily:
"Registering voters is crucial to expanding the number of citizens who vote," says state Rep. and House Democratic leader Joyce Beatty of Columbus. "Sadly, there is ample evidence that Ken Blackwell has manipulated the elections system to disenfranchise voters."

Sadly for Democrats, there is no such evidence, despite Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.'s attempt in Rolling Stone to resurrect the charge that the GOP and Blackwell stole the 2004 Ohio vote.

If there were any problems, such as long lines and insufficient voting machines, they were in districts controlled by Democrats where this "suppression" took place. Also, Ohio's electoral process is managed on a bipartisan basis, meaning that widespread cheating by the GOP would have to be aided and abetted by the Democratic Party.

As it was, total turnout in Ohio increased by 600,000 over 2000, and the black vote rose by 25%.
This is one for the hard drive, folks. We're going to be fighting this crap off since the Ohio Democrats don't have any real ideas and this is all they think that they have...

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