Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Re: Legis-TEL

I found this paragraph interesting (from The (Toledo) Blade):

Mr. Blackwell personally delivered a letter signed by the committee to Mr. Taft's office before he signed the first bill. The letter indicated the committee does plan to make such a request.


Bob Taft cries "jump!" and Ken Blackwell asks "how high?"

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Anonymous said...

Interesting tidbit.

The day of or first day after the Legis-TEL was passed, I went looking for the text language. Blackwell's website had already replaced the link to the PDF of the Ballot Petition with a link the Senate bill text at the Ohio Legislator's page.

Fortunately, I'd saved the Ballot text PDF, so have it for comparing to future versions, but why eliminate the old text completely? Why not retain a link to show/explain to voters what you improved upon?

I don't have the Jobs page, so I don't know what other changes occurred on that page besides the link.

Blackwell's page and email announced that the Legis-TEL had been enacted, yet the newspapers were not specific whether Gov Taft had or had not signed it yet. Thanks for clarifying that it is now signed. Since Mr Blackwell had already crowed about his victory on his webpage, it was pretty necessary to have Taft sign it.

By delivering it in person though, you could wave it, hold it yourself while Taft signed the legislation, then each trade papers. I doubt it occurred that way; but if they made a movie version, that's how they'd probably script it.

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