Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Re: Republican Wimpiness on Official Language

Steven: I knew this one was going down the day I heard about it.

The problem with the legislation, as I saw it, was that it didn't provide sufficient funding for English classes. If we are going to change the approach from any langugage will do to English-specific, I think the state should have stepped up to the plate and helped people out in learning the language.

But, I'm not real sure that is the state's responsibility to begin with... Honestly, I don't think the state should be responsible for teaching illegals how to speak the language. And that's all that is left of this idea... We are going to spend a million dollars on it. And I suspect that is the tip of this particular iceberg.

As I understand it, the point behind this legislation was to disincentivize illegals from staying here. At the very least, this legislation would have made it a little easier for us to deal with them.

The Plain Dealer indicated that jobs was the issue that most legislators had their minds on...if that were really the case, we'd be spending more time in getting rid of the illegals who are doing jobs that could be going to Ohioans.

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