Sunday, June 04, 2006

Steyn, as usual (as always), has a trememdous column today, this time on the WOT

His primary message in "Events at Haditha don't change need for victory" is to the people who let the media-managed bad news warp their view of the war:

if you're one of the ever swelling numbers of molting hawks among the media, the political class and the American people for whom Haditha is the final straw, that's not a sign of your belated moral integrity but of your fundamental unseriousness. Anyone who supports the launching of a war should be clear-sighted enough to know that, when the troops go in, a few of them will kill civilians, bomb schools, torture prisoners. It happens in every war in human history, even the good ones. Individual Americans, Britons, Canadians, Australians did bad things in World War II and World War I. These aren't stunning surprises, they're inevitable: It might be a bombed mosque or a gunned-down pregnant woman or a slaughtered wedding party, but it will certainly be something. And, in the scales of history, it makes no difference to the justice of the cause and the need for victory.

A superpower that wallows in paranoia and glorifies self-loathing cannot endure and doesn't deserve to.


Instapundit: "The clearly evident Bush-bashing glee over this stuff is both pathetic and poisonous."

All of this is relevant because I expect my senators and reps to say something, anything about this, and instead crickets chirp, or I should say WORMs (Worn-Out Reactionary Media, known to most as The Mainstream Media) whine.

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