Sunday, June 11, 2006

Strickland shares Taft's donors, meets with convicted staffers

Hat tip to Conservative Culture on this one. (similar post can be found here.)

Ted Strickland's campaign is being funded by the same people that funded Bob Taft's races. And not only that, but he's also keeping some very interesting company.
In addition to taking money from the people who propelled Mr. Taft to the governor's office, Mr. Strickland also has met with the controversial architect of the governor's career.

In April, Mr. Strickland attended an event hosted by Brian Hicks, Mr. Taft's former chief of staff who was convicted last year of failing to disclose vacation stays at Noe's Florida home on his annual ethics statement.

Mr. Strickland said the purpose of the one-hour meeting at the Capital Club in downtown Columbus was to talk with Mr. Hicks' lobbying clients.

...Tim Hagan, a Democrat who ran for governor against Mr. Taft in 2002, said any effort by Democrats to meet with Mr. Hicks and his lobbying clients is "repugnant and disgusting."
And guess who's playing advisor to Strickland? David Milenthal, "whose firm worked on a 2002 campaign led by Republican Larry Householder..."

Ted Strickland has the entire culture of corruption at his campaign headquarters.

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