Thursday, June 08, 2006

'Strong Fiscal Guardrails?'

From the AP via WCPO (ABC-Cincinnati):

If the Legislature had acted on spending limits two years ago, Republican Kenneth Blackwell would not have resorted to trying to put the limits into the Ohio Constitution, he said Tuesday.

Blackwell said he got want he originally wanted -- limits written into Ohio law -- only after pushing his issue as a much more restrictive amendment to the Ohio Constitution, a move he said he was forced to make after the Legislature failed to act on the proposal two years ago.

Blackwell's opponent for governor, Democrat Ted Strickland, said Blackwell acted out of political expediency.

"It seems to me rather unbelievable that something as important as a constitutional amendment was to him could be abandoned so quickly," Strickland, said a U.S. House member from Lisbon.

Blackwell's campaign spokesman Carlo LoParo said Strickland is missing the point.

"What Ken Blackwell is advocating was not a constitutional amendment on the ballot. It was -- and is -- to have strong fiscal guardrails placed into statute. We accomplished that with the bill that was signed yesterday," LoParo said.

As has been noted before, it will be very easy for future legislatures to ignore the weak taxpayer protections in the bill recently sign Gov. Bob Tax ... er I mean Taft. I believe that these are strong fiscal guardrails less than I believe that the recent U.S. Senate vote on the constitutional amendment protecting marriage actually meant something.

Do politicians really believe that we are so easy to fool?

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