Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Taft Signs Legis-TEL

From the Plain Dealer:
Gov. Bob Taft signed a bill Monday that spells out a plan to spend $763 million in tobacco settlement money but also places a cap on future state-agency spending.

The spending limit proposal moved swiftly through the Republican-dominated General Assembly last month and helped to persuade GOP candidate for governor Ken Blackwell to back away from a more sweeping plan that had become a political liability for him.

Blackwell initially proposed a constitutional amendment to cap spending for state and local governments. He settled for a limit on state spending that will be in statute, not the constitution.
In the last couple of episodes of West Wing, there is a crisis involving Russia and China. President Bartlett and President-Elect Santos play a little good cop/bad cop by having Santos "leak" that he isn't happy with the way Bartlett is handling the situation. The strategery in play there was that the two sides would get a "better deal" with Bartlett than they would with Santos.

Is the Ohio Republican Party that clever?


Steven J. Kelso Sr. said...

Is the Ohio Republican Party that clever?


NixGuy said...

heh. no