Monday, June 19, 2006

What's Pat DeWine's Angle?

What office is he running for?

From The Cincinnati Enquirer:

The proposal to increase Hamilton County's quarter-cent sales tax to pay for a new jail is dead.

Hamilton County Commissioner Pat DeWine says he won't support the proposal introduced this month by fellow Republican Commissioner Phil Heimlich.

Instead, DeWine is pushing his own proposal to fund jail construction -- requiring no increase in taxes. But some county land would be sold off to pay for it.

DeWine called Heimlich's assertion that a sales tax increase would be offset by a property tax rollback "illusory." But he admits that his fellow Republicans -- who dominate Hamilton County politics -- aren't happy with him for not supporting Heimlich, especially in a year when Heimlich faces former Cincinnati Councilman David Pepper, a Democrat, for his commission seat.

"I think there'll certainly be a lot of people who will be upset," DeWine said.

Sorry to sound so jaded, but these days, when a Ohio Republican does something conservative -- conspiracy theories rush to my mind.


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